Exciting Programs Coming to MAPS!


21 Mar Exciting Programs Coming to MAPS!

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Community Members,

By the grace of Allah, the Almighty, we have arranged several exciting programs in the next 60 days – programs that support our Vision “To inspire and foster a community that impacts the quality of life and spirituality for the individual, family and society guided by teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah”.

Please plan to attend and benefit from these.

These programs include:

1. March 29th – Singles Spring Fest aiming to match singles of marriageable age

2. March-April – 3rd Annual Inter-City Basketball Tournament started yesterday and you will see several teams from all around Seattle area competing for the grand prizes (Samsung Galaxy Tabs!)

3. April 24th – An evening of reflection and discussion on the Anti-Apartheid Movement with Hon. Ebrahim Rasool, former S. African Ambassador to the US

4. April 25th – Summit of local Muslim Leaders, hosted by MAPS, on Emergency Preparedness

5. May 1st/2nd – Annual Seerah Conference; we have 4 national speakers lined up and for the first time ever, the conference will be totally FREE for all to attend

6. May 9th – International Food Festival where the public can taste the wonderful flavors from countries where many members of our community come from

And finally on,

7. May 16th – MAPS Annual Banquet; Sheikh Abder Raoof will be our main speaker and we have great dinner, update to the community and an entertainment session planned

In addition to these MAPS-planned events, we have several organizations hosting wonderful events at MAPS:

1. March 21st – Michael Wolfe will discuss how media and movies can help tell the Muslim story and will fundraise for Unity Production Foundation’s next projects

2. March 28th – Seattle Islamic Speakers Bureau will host a training on how to talk to others about Muslims and Islam

3. April 17th – The local chapter of Al-Maghrib is bringing Sheikh Yasir Qadhi to Seattle and he will introduce his course on “Denial” at MAPS

Please plan ahead and take time to attend and benefit from several of these activities. You would also note that we are making many of the MAPS programs free of charge so that everybody can benefit. Please continue to support us with your dua’s, your volunteer time and your donations. If you still have not fulfilled your pledges from last year, please do so now.

May Allah, the Guide, guide all of us and may He continue to bless and grow our community!


Mahmood Khadeer

MAPS President