Terrorism is murder

13 Nov Terrorism is murder

Assalamu Alaikoum / Peace be upon you
Today, terrorists carried a vile attack in France and there are reports of 150 killed and several hostages being held. We do not know the identity of the attackers yet. President Obama is very right in saying that “this is an attack on all humanity and the universal values we share“.
Yesterday, two bombs exploded in Beirut, Lebanon claiming the lives of 43 innocent victims. ISIL has claimed responsibility. There are reports that 3 American Muslims from Dearborn were killed in that attack.
Terrorism is murder. Muslims or anyone who commit terrorist acts are murderers.
Our hearts go to the victims of these gruesome acts of terrorism and their families. Let us pray for the safety of the hostages.
Earlier this year, in my Eid address, I emphasized that Muslims who commit terrorist acts “are not us and we are not them. Their interpretation of Islam is twisted and wrong no matter how much they justify it. Thus, any ruling that replaces justice with injustice, mercy with cruelty, common good with intolerance, or wisdom with ignorance, is a ruling that does not belong to Islam.”
I ask our whole community to stand by the victims of terrorist attacks, whether in Beirut or Paris or here at home, and emphatically reject and strongly condemn those who choose violence over peace.
MAPS President
Mahmood Khadeer