Wednesday – July 6th – Eid-ul-Fitr


03 Jul Wednesday – July 6th – Eid-ul-Fitr

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Everybody,

Please note the programs and timings for the last days and nights of Ramadan and for Eid-ul-Fitr below. Do not hesitate to email should you have any question.

1. Friday – July 1st – Laylat-al-Qadr (Night of Power)

We are having nightly prayers (Qiyam-ul-Layl) in the last 10 nights of Ramadan starting at 1:30AM followed by community Suhoor. We have many people in Itekhaf and several others spending the whole nights in the masjid trying to observe the Night of Power. On the 27th night of Ramadan [Friday July 1st] we will have a special program and fundraiser in between the 4 rakaat’s of Taraweeh featuring Imam Abdul Malik from Florida.

2. Monday – July 4th – Qatm-ul-Quran and Sheikh Nabil Recognition

On the 30th night of Ramadan [Monday July 4th], we will complete the recitation of the Qur’an during Taraweeh prayers and will recite extended dua’s. In between the 4 rakaat’s, we will recognize the volunteers who made our collective Ramadan experience a pleasant one. We will also have a special event recognizing Sheikh Nabil’s extensive contribution to MAPS. Please attend and thank Sheikh Nabil in person and stay after prayers for some special Ramadan sweets arriving from Shatilah, Detroit.

3. Wednesday – July 6th – Eid-ul-Fitr

Three Eid prayers will be held as follows – please note that the times have changed from the previously announced schedules:

Takbeerat Starts Prayer Starts Khateeb
1st Prayer 7:00AM 7:30AM Br Alaa Badr
2nd Prayer 9:30AM 10:10AM Imam Joban
3rd Prayer 11:15AM 11:45AM Dr. Abdurrahman Hijazi

Please park in designated areas, follow the directions by volunteers and keep the traffic flowing as you come in and out of the masjid. We will have shuttles taking people to and from the Marymoor parking.

4. MAPS will distribute zakat on July 4th, Monday ; please pay by night of July 3rd, Sunday

Zakat-al-fitr is due before the Eid prayers on July 6th and is at the rate of $10 per person in each family. You can pay your zakat, zakat-al-fitr and sadaqah as follows:

1. Pay online
2. Pay via text [text “give” to 1-425-654-2989]
3. Pay via MAPS App [download from Apple store or Google store]
4. Pay via Kiosks in the masjid hallways
5. Pay in person at our office or after salat or via collection boxes

We will be distributing zakat, zakat-al-fitr and sadaqah to an expected 500 needy families at MAPS on July 4th from 10AM to 5PM Insha-Allah.

5. July 3rd to July 5th – Eid Bazaar

An Eid Bazaar featuring several local and out of state vendors will be held in the Lounge area on the 3 days before Eid. Please visit these vendors for your Eid shopping.

6. July 6th – Eid Celebration and Eid Fest

Right after the prayers, we will celebrate Eid in and around the masjid. Please visit the MPR, Lounge area and the parking lot for food vendors, bazaar, inflatables, balloons, family portraits and much more. Spend a few minutes at the masjid after the prayers and get to know your community.

From 3PM to 7PM on Eid, we will host the whole community at Newcastle Beach for an Eid Fest. We will have plenty of activities for all ages there – inflatables, balloon artist, face painting, frog hop, skee roll, guppy racing, fat cats and the all-time Eid favorites: popcorn, cotton candy and sno cones! Please come with the whole family.

Please check our emails, web-site and newsletter for more details in the coming days.

We pray that the whole community benefit from these last days and nights of Ramadan and that we all enjoy a very beautiful Eid-ul-Fitr Insha-Allah!

Jazakum Allah khairan

MAPS Manager