Eid Prayer Timings and Programs-July 6th, 2016


05 Jul Eid Prayer Timings and Programs-July 6th, 2016

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Community,

We will be celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr tomorrow Wednesday July 6th. There are 3 Eid prayers planned at MAPS along with 1 program where Governor Jay Inslee will address the gathering. The schedule for tomorrow is as follows:


7:00 AM   1st Takbeerat

7:20 AM   MAPS President’s Address

7:30 AM   Early Eid Prayer

Khateeb: Br Alaa Badr


9:30 AM   2nd Takbeerat

10:10 AM  Main Eid Prayer

Khateeb: Imam Joban 

10:35 AM  MAPS President’s Address

10:45 AM  Governor Inslee’s Address

10:55 AM  MAPS Vision awards


11:10 AM  3rd Takbeerat

11:35 AM  MAPS President’s Address

11:45 AM  Last Eid Prayer

Khateeb: Dr Abdurrahman Hijazi


We are asking all attendees of the 2nd prayer to be prepared to stay till 11AM and attend the program with the Governor.

We have rented additional parking space in Marymoor Park and will have shuttles taking attendees to and from the parking lots. Please arrive early, car pool if possible, follow the directions of parking attendants and park in designated spots.

After the Eid prayers, please spend some time checking the activities in and around the masjid. We will have the bazaar, food vendors and the local Menchies offering food and items for purchase. A professional photographer will be available in the lounge area to take your family picture in your Eid best. And we will have goody bags, ice cream, cotton candy for free for all the kids.

Please come and enjoy a beautiful Eid at MAPS Insha-Allah.

Jazak-um-ullah Khairan

MAPS Manager