MAPS distributes zakat to 725 families


05 Jul MAPS distributes zakat to 725 families

Assalamu Alaykum / Peace be upon you,
MAPS today (July 4th, 2016) distributed zakat, zakat-ul-fitr, fidya and sadaqah to 725 families. We initially had budgeted distributions to 500 families but by the mercy of Allah Ar-Rahim, The Merciful, we accommodate all those who came until Asr. We ask Allah Al-Karim, The Generous, to generously reward all those who donated towards this fund. Because of your benevolence this Ramadan, the recipient families will have a better Eid Insha-Allah.
We also thank the many volunteers and MAPS staff for managing the distribution today. We will not be distributing tomorrow.
Jazak-um-ullah khairan / Thank you