Sheikh Nabil bids farewell to MAPS

05 Jul Sheikh Nabil bids farewell to MAPS

Assalamu Alaykum Dear MAPS Community,

As I informed you in the beginning of Ramadan, our beloved Sheikh Nabil will be transitioning to the Sammamish Masjid. Yesterday night we recognized his tremendous contribution to MAPS. Sheikh Nabil wrote the message below to the community. Again, do make sure you meet him, greet him and thank him in person on Eid. We will miss him dearly.


Aslamu Alykom Wa Rahmtu Allah,

I really appreciate all what you, the board members and the masjid community have been doing helping me in my job and on personal levels.

I really can’t find the right and enough words to express to you my humble gratitudes for everything you have done for me and for my family.

Everything and every place in this masjid has a special memory in my heart.

May Allah SWT protect this masjid and this community and reward you and your family for all what you have been doing to make this masjid a place for worshiping Allah SWT and learning His Dean and Quran

But, I feel it is time for me to move on.

I have decided to leave MAPS and move on for an another job as the Imam of Sammamish masjid.

I want to have a fresh start especially in MAPS Mashallah there are many brothers and sisters who can replace me and even do a better job than I do.

But in Sammamish masjid, I think the place there needs a full time Imam and a Quran teacher.

The community there is growing and with the help of Allah SWT I want to have the honor to participate in the start of the this masjid the same way I did with MAPS five years ago.

I have been thinking about this step for long time and it is really hard to make such a tough decision and  leave this masjid.

So please accept my resignation from my job in MAPS.

I would like to start there as soon as I can but at the same time I am not going to leave here until my job duties and responsibilities are transferred smoothly to whoever you chose as a replacement.

Jazakom Allah Khayran,
Sh.Nabil Sallam



Mahmood Khadeer

MAPS President