2016-12-12:Redmond Reporter: Faith and community members show support for MAPS with new sign dedication

2016-12-01:The Seattle Times: Stand with your Muslim neighbors and fight bigotry 

2016-11-10:Komo News: ‘Believe In that primordial goodness of man:’ local Muslim leaders respond to Trump’s Win

2016-11-11:Redmond Reporter: Having their say: Young MAPS members vote for the first time

News Coverage from different media outlets on Governor Jay Inslee speech at MAPS Redmond on Eid Day (July 6th, 2016)

2016-07-06:Seattle Globalist:Governor greets area Muslims for Eid Inslee tells Muslims: ‘Stand together and brace each other’ against bigotry

2016-07-06:The Seattle Times: Inslee urges unity in the face of ‘fear and hatred’ in speech at Redmond mosque

2016-06-20: MAPS in the News This Week

The past week started with the terror attack in Orlando but ended with large sections of the American people coming together. At MAPS we started the week with a threat to our facility but ended with an outpouring of support from all segments of the community. In the end, hate is always defeated. 

The media coverage last week captured the set of events at MAPS. Here are a listing of these news clips:

  • KING5 News: Local Muslims denounce shooter and celebrate Ramadan [link]
  • Redmond Reporter: MAPS President Editorial – The Worldview of Muhammad Ali and the Worldview of Terror [link
  • The complete unedited text of this editorial was published as a blog post by MAPS here [link

Threats received and security heightened:

  • Seattle Times [link
  • KING5 [link] 
  • KUOW [link
  • Kiro7 [link
  • Seattle Weekly [link] 
  • My Northwest [link] 
  • Redmond Reporter [link] 
  • Seattle Globalist [link] 

Standing together:

  • Issaquah Reporter [link]
  • Redmond Reporter [link]

Arrest made:

  • KOMO News [link]
  • Kiro7 [link
  • Seattle Globalist [link]
  • Redmond Reporter [link] 


2016-06-10: King5 News: Hundreds honor Muhammad Ali at Redmond Mosque

2016-02-17: Redmond Reporter: Muslim Community Resource Center joins Together Center Advocate Office in Redmond

2016-01-28: Kent Reporter: Bridging religions: Seminar builds Islamic-Christian relations

2016-01-15: Redmond Reporter: Redmond organizations help people access services to overcome obstacles in their new country

2015-12-30: Seattle Times: Seattle-area Muslims face fear and kindness after teen’s death

2015-12-21: KOMO News: Seattle-area mosques amplify security in wake of attacks

2015-12-04: The Seattle Times: Don’t conflate violent acts as representative of all of Islam

2015-12-04: KING 5 News : Puget Sound Muslims react to the California killings

2015-11-30: KOMO News: It’s okay to say Merry Christmas

2015-10-14: Seattle Globalist: A hate group called for protests at local mosques. Guess who showed up?

2015-09-29: Seattle Globalist: How local Muslims are coping with the tragic Hajj stampede

2015-09-23: Redmond Reporter: Redmond-area Muslims, others come together to aid Syrian refugees abroad

2015-07-15: The Seattle Globalist: A taste of Ramadan: the experience of fasting as a non-Muslim

2015-05-26: The Seattle Globalist: Rediscovering her Muslim faith after climbing the corporate ladder

2015-07-16: Puget Sound Business Journal: This new Seattle company helps Muslim tech employees save for retirement

2015-02-25: Redmond Reporter: MAPS hosts traveling exhibit on American Muslims

2015-02-25: Redmond Reporter: Redmond real-estate agent dives into television’s ‘Shark Tank’ with Drain Strain invention 

2015-04-29: Redmond Reporter: South African ambassador Rasool speaks at MAPS in Redmond