Ar-Rahmah Academy Quran 2017-18 School Year (ages 4 and up)

Quran 2017-18

29 Aug Ar-Rahmah Academy Quran 2017-18 School Year (ages 4 and up)

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This event is running from 11 September 2017 until 3 June 2018. It is next occurring on Monday, December 18, 2017

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Assalamu Alaikoum
MAPS Ar-Rahma Academy blessed to announce Quran class for boys and girls age 4 and above. Our class details are on the flyer and our first day class will be on September 11, 2017.



MAPS Ar Rahmah Academy is pleased announce a NEW CLASS for all the Huffadh of our community. We understand the hard work and struggle that goes into making a Huffadh of the Quran. And as students transition into school and work, the challenge of keep it going is tough. We would like to make it easy for you – Come recite to Sh. Hassan at MAPS.

Wednesdays (5 – 6:30pm) & Sundays (3 – 4pm), Fees: $100 per month.


Alhamdulillah our Quran classes will lead by Sh. Hassen. We hope to take our school to the next level of learning with new energy and dedication. In addition to Quran memorization and reading we are planning to add courses below free of cost.

  • Fiqh of Prayer
  • Memorizing Short Duaa and Azkar
  • Story and Hadeeth developing kids Adab (Etiquette)


All classes are $75 per month EXCEPT
Sunday High school Youth: $50 per month
New Quran Revision class: $100 per month
Hifdh class: $200 per month


Please feel free to email us with any questions at


Jazakum Allah Khiaran

Ar Rahmah Academy