Grand Opening of MAPS Library


05 Feb Grand Opening of MAPS Library

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Grand Opening of MAPS Library

Assalamu Alaykum My dear Community,

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “Whoever follows a path to seek knowledge, Allah will make the path to Jannah (Paradise) easy for them.”  [Muslim]
I write this message with much happiness and a sense of pride in our community. We are announcing the opening of a library at MAPS tomorrow Friday February 5th after Jumuah prayers. Our guest, Imam Abdul Malik, will cut the ribbon Insha-Allah. Anybody will be able to borrow books free of charge and use the library as a place to read and study quietly and access electronic and online resources.
We are the inheritors of a tradition that is founded on the acquisition of sound knowledge. The Qur’an and Islamic literature is filled with verses exhorting mankind to acquire knowledge. Our history is replete with role models who travelled far and wide seeking knowledge. And of course, libraries have been part of mosques since the early days of Islam. So, it is very natural that our community has been asking MAPS to establish an in-house library. After a lot of work by dedicated and passionate volunteers, this wish is now being realized. Indeed, I am very grateful to Allah, Al-Alim, the Holder of all knowledge!
The library will have several features:
  • 40 hours of open door time, 7 days a week
  • A dedicated staff to manage the library and assist users
  • A current index of 400 books available for loan arranged on beautiful custom oak shelves
  • An online system and a phone app to review the catalog, as well as, full library software
  • Semi-private cubicles with Windows 10 computers and free Wi-Fi
  • A large reading table hand-crafted from a Pacific Northwest tree by local master carpenters
  • A mini-store which will sell MAPS memorabilia
In addition, in the coming months we have plans to:
  • Expand the book collection to 1500
  • Loan kindles preloaded with e-books
  • Add an interactive electronic smart board
The books have been selected to be of interest for members of all ages. To check out books, everybody will need to register in the system and issue a MAPS library card. Parents/guardians can register for children aged 16 or below. We encourage everybody to stop by the library starting this Friday and issue their library cards!
As with everything we do at MAPS, we aim for the highest standard. We have dedicated a significant budget to ensure that our library reflects that standard. If you would like to contribute towards the costs of setting up the library, running the library or towards the future additions to the library (including books), please donate here.
Note: we are not accepting donations of books or any other item for the library. If you would like to make a suggestion for us to carry a certain book, please email
We ask Allah, The Wise (Al-Hakim), to inculcate in all of us a love to gain knowledge, to enable others to acquire knowledge and to share knowledge. Indeed, we supplicate in our prayers: “My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” [20:114]
Jazakum-Allah-Khairan / Thank You
Mahmood Khadeer
MAPS Presiden