Hussam Ayloush at MAPS this Friday, 9/16


15 Sep Hussam Ayloush at MAPS this Friday, 9/16

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AssalamuAlaykum / Peace be upon you,



We are honored to host Hussam Ayloush, Executive Director of CAIR-LA, this Friday 9/16 at MAPS. Hussam will give the Khutbah and address a broader audience after Maghrib prayers in the evening.


Khutbah topic:  Lessons from History on confronting Islamophobia?


Friday evening topic:  What’s at stake for American Muslims in the upcoming elections?


As the election approaches, here some questions that some of us might have :-

·        Do we really have a chance to make a difference with increased participation and visible presence?

·        If I don’t like either candidate, why should I bother voting?

·        Can we really aspire to participate in the process without the risk of corrupting oneself by the system?

·        What can we learn from the political struggles of African American and Latino communities?


Our speaker Hussam Ayloush has multi-decade experience on these very topics as he has been in the forefront of these struggles while building and growing the S. California chapter of CAIR, the largest CAIR chapter.  He will share his perspectives on these questions that are on your mind and more as we explore what we can do as contributing citizens of this country, state and city.


Please make it a priority to attend.


Jazak-um-ullah-khairan / Thank you