January Youth Update

26 May January Youth Update

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aH special thanks to all the MAPS Youth volunteers last Friday and Saturday for packing400+ sandwiches for MCRC (Muslim Community Resource Center) and then braving the cold to hand them out Saturday morning. The volunteers did not eat anything that morning so that they’d be hungry while they passed out the sandwiches. And subhanAllah when one lady in line heard that the youth were going to serve others before themselves, it brought her to tears. I’m very proud of these guys and gals and may Allah (swat) grant them success in this life and the next, ameen!
We had a great month on of January aH, and here is a review of the activities:
  • Syrian Clothing Drive
  • aH the clothes have been sent
  • Discussion on Importance of Salat
  • Special shout out to Naba Sheriff & Maryam Gani putting what they learned into action! They talked to their counselors are were able to procure a room so they can pray their dhuhr salat while at school. If you have also been successful in doing so, then please message me!
  • CAIR Muslim Lobby Day
  • Talked to our representatives about supporting the low income housing fund and the voting rights bill!
  • MCRC’s Feeding the Hungry
  • Made and distributed 400+ sandwiches…and then went out to IHOP to eat :)
Also Mubrook to Ibrahim for testing for his Black Belt last Friday!! 10 years of hard work mashAllah!! 
Next event is THIS SATURDAY! To reward everyone for their hard work, we will be going bowling at the University of Washington! We leave at 9:40am so be at MAPS by 9:30am inshAllah. Please register, price is $6 if you can afford it (NO WORRIES if you can’t). We will have enough lanes for both the brothers and the sisters. First 30 to register get their spots for sure!
If you have a son/daughter that is 14ish – 21ish and would like them to join, please respond back to the email! Also, our very own Moumin Gani and his band of co-writers will be starting a Youth monthly newsletter to give greater details of our activities inshAllah :)
Jazakullah khair
Ahsen Nadeem
MAPS Youth Director