Summer Tech Camps (Orientation Friday, 7/21, 8pm, MPR)


22 Jun Summer Tech Camps (Orientation Friday, 7/21, 8pm, MPR)

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This event finished on 17 August 2017

Summer Tech Camps for Kids

July 17 to August 17, 2017

Prices start from $199

Camps are one week, Monday-Thursday


Digipen, the leading university in Game Development, and Animation will have an orientation about the MAPS Kids Camp on Fri July 21st at 8pm, in the MPR room . Please plan to attend.


Please fill the survey by Jul 23rd to determine which camp classes should we offer with Digipen on the coming weeks. Here is the survey link:

 The registration will open online on Monday Jul 24th based on the survey results . There are Limited seats.

Registration is done online on Mon Jul 24th at


Grades are:

Grades 1-3

Grades 4-7

Grades 8-12

(For example, grade 1 is the the child who will be enrolled on Sep 2017 at grade 1.)


Courses are:

1. Arts and Animation by Digipen

2. Game programming and design by Digipen

3. Youtube production by Robocodo

4. Robotics by Robocodo


Each course is one week period. You can enroll in multiple courses on different weeks.




For more details please check

or email