MAPS Arabic Evening School (KG – 5th Grade)


07 Sep MAPS Arabic Evening School (KG – 5th Grade)

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This event is running from 11 September 2017 until 23 May 2018. It is next occurring on Monday, December 18, 2017 6:00 pm

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Assalamu Alaikum / Peace be up on you

This year MAPS will offer a full school year of learning the Arabic language for KG up to 5th grades. The school accepts children under 15 years old to join the proper grade for their skills. Students can be native or non-native Arabic language speakers.

“The goal of the school is to enable the student to go beyond teaching reading and writing to the understanding and expressing stage of learning the Arabic language.” The school founder.

There will be three semesters for each grade year. The curriculum difficulty and content is similar to the Arabic countries. The school uses a modern education approach which enable students to learn at the classroom and at home using computers.


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We received many questions about the Evening Arabic School.  Here are some FAQ to give you more insight on the
Q: Does the student placement depend on age or skills?
A: The student placement depends on the Arabic language skills regardless of the student age. We accept students under 15 years old as long as they can follow the teacher instructions and show the expected classroom behavior.
Q: Can parents attend the class with the kids?
A: Yes, parents can attend as long as there is no distraction to other kids. Teachers will let the parents if their attendance is not helping the student or the class to make the right decision about the attendance by then.
Q: Where does the curriculum come from?
A: The curriculum is created by the Noorann Modern Education, a non-profit organization that targets improving the Arabic language teaching for native and non-native Arabic language speakers. The content is a mix of the Arabic county books and translated western books where Noorann choose the best content. The school choose the best content that would fit each grade needs and requirements according to the guidelines provided by the Noorann Modern Education.
Q: What are the grades available?
A: For 2017-2018 school year, the school will be offering KG-5th grade skill levels but not necessary strict to a specific age group.
Q: What are the days and times of the school?
A: The year school will have 3 quarters
Monday             6-8 PM                2nd and 3rd grades
Tuesday             6-8 PM                1st and 4th grades
Wednesday       6-8 PM                KG and 5th grade
Q: What are the quarter dates?
A: The quarter dates are:
Sep 11-Nov 17
Dec 04-Feb 23
Mar 12-May 25
These dates may include holidays and breaks which will be given to the students in the class.
Q: What are the fees for the school?
A: For each grade attended, the student will pay $200 per quarter or $500 for all 3 quarters.
Q: Do I have to pay a fee the placement test?
A: No. Fees are due until the third week of the school year which will all student and parents to decide if the school is a good fit for them or not. When the fee is paid, the student will receive the books, software account, school agenda, and the year folder which are included in the fees.
Q: Does the school have scholarships?
A: Yes. The acceptance of the scholarship application will depend on the number of students in each classroom, approval of MAPS, available funds for the scholarship and approval of the school management. Donors to the funds to the scholarship are welcome.
Q: Is there a discount for siblings or when attending more than one day of school?
A: Yes. The school offers %20 discount for siblings or when the same student attend more than one grade (more than one day).
Q: When are the placement test?
A: The placement test can take place at any time during the school year to join the school. The first days for placements are September 11-13 between 6-8 PM @ MAPS third floor.
Q: Are the teacher native Arabic speakers?
A: Yes. The teachers are native Arabic speakers from Egypt. However, the teachers follow a curriculum that cater for the Standard Arabic Language which is recognized in the Arabic country newspapers and news outlets. The teachers are from different background but have previous experiences in teaching the Arabic language in private schools for over 5 years and at MAPS Arabic school last year.
Q: What is the school in-class practices?
A: The class includes a mix of using traditional teaching, computer presentation, game Apps, student-to-student collaboration, and group exercises. The class spirit is learning is fun.
Q: How was the student’s and parent’s experience from last year Arabic School @ MAPS?
A: Parents surveys and testimonials showed high satisfaction of the school performance. The re-enrollment rate from quarter to quarter was nearly 100% for all the students at different grades offered last year.
Q: What to do if I have more questions or want to register a student?
A: Please email