MAPS-NOW: Plant Trees in Marymoor Park (Volunteers Needed)

23 Nov MAPS-NOW: Plant Trees in Marymoor Park (Volunteers Needed)

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MAPS-NOW has adopted a section of Marymoor Park. We meet 4 times a year to preserve that natural area and make it more suitable for local wildlife. Last event was a great success. People found planting tress and shrubs very rewarding so we decided to do another tree planting event. This years’ fourth volunteer event will happen on Saturday Dec 16, 10 AM – 2 PM.


This is a great opportunity to come with your whole family (all ages are welcome) and enjoy the beautiful nature that Allah (swt) has blessed us. At the same time, contribute back to nature and our community, fulfilling one of MAPS goals of model citizen. Rain or shine, we will inshaAllah plant lots of trees that will give back to nature for many years to come.  


We hope you can join us with your family,




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