MAPS Precious Hearts: Summer Adventure Camp (Age: 4-6)


14 Jun MAPS Precious Hearts: Summer Adventure Camp (Age: 4-6)

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This event finished on 11 August 2016


Precious Hearts Summer Adventure Camp Ages 4-6
Dates: July 18, – Aug 12th, 2016
Times: 11am  -1 pm
No. of students: 13
Cost: $150/student
Ramadan Mubarak, may it be a blessed Ramadan for all your families; filled with worship, piety and sincerity. Registration is now open for Precious Hearts Summer Adventure Program.   This is an unforgettable indoor outdoor experience for kids ages 4-6 with lots of fun-filled learning adventurous activities.  Campers learn new skills, team building and healthy challenges.
Activities include:
– Camping 101 with REI trained staff (tent setup, water purification, leave no trace)
– Basic first aid and disaster preparedness with the Red Cross
– Farm-to-table culinary experience
– Affordable house model project with Habitat for Humanity team members
– Entrepreneur camp
–  Farming, harvesting at Oxbow Farm
– Fishing
– guided exploration hike and tour
– Beach and sand castle fun