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29 Apr MAPS Spring Events

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This event finished on 16 May 2015

Assalamu-Alaykum Dear Community Members,
Our set of Spring Events has now gathered full momentum:
Friday 5/1 and 5/2:  MAPS Annual Seerah Conference “The Confident Muslim: Contributing to the next chapter of the Great American History”
This year, the Seerah conference is special for several reasons. First, we have a set of great national speakers lined up (see below). These speakers are traveling from far to talk to us about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Second, we have plenty of other activities planned, including a Bazaar with halaal food and other vendors, a Youth Islamic Presentation Contest, an entertainment event, affordable baby-sitting and bouncing castles! Finally, by the grace of Allah, the whole event is free for all! Please do attend with your whole family.
Speakers: Imam Abdul Malik (our eidul Adha Khateeb), Imam Abdul Azeez, Imam Joban, Sh. Abdurrahman Murphy, and Sr. Tahera Ahmed.
This is your last chance to register for the conference as seats are almost full to capacity!
Last week-end, we were blessed to host former South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool at MAPS. Ambassador Rasool’s accomplishments on the international scale is truly impressing: from anti-apartheid activist next to Nelson Mandela to Premier of Cape Town Province to behind-the-scenes negotiator in the US-Cuba recent rapprochement. And yet, he is one of the humblest persons we have ever met.
On Friday, Ambassador Rasool delivered the Khutbah and discussed the importance of a moderate path in Islam. That evening, he spoke to a public audience of some 150 adults about the South African experience and how lessons learnt then could be applied to solve the various challenges of our time. On Saturday, Ambassador Rasool challenged a cross-section of Muslim Leaders from the greater Seattle area to rethink our priorities and our approach to problem solving using the Maqasid-ul-Shariah. His speech was part of a Summit called by MAPS to bring together various local Muslim organizations.
The second part of the Summit was dedicated to preparing our organizations and facilities in case of Emergencies. CAIR WA presented steps we should take to keep our communities safe from man-made situations. IR-USA discussed their programs to prepare communities for natural disasters. MAPS Emergency Preparedness Committee explained the various steps and lessons learnt we have been taking to keep our facility safe. And, Seattle Islamic Speakers Bureau explained how to introduce Islam to the general public in a way that defuses tensions about Muslims and Islam in the first place.
Please partake in the blessings of bringing these events to our community. Support your masjid and buy tickets to MAPS Annual Banquet on May 16thbelow:
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