MAPS Youth: Ashura Iftar & Discussion

27 Sep MAPS Youth: Ashura Iftar & Discussion

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Ashura Iftar & Discussion: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?


 iA you are all doing well! Thank you all for coming to our Archery Social Kickoff for Fall Quarter! We will continue our Fall Quarter this Sunday, 10/1, at MAPS at 6:00pm! We will have a Discussion on the concept of why “bad things” happening to “good people,” how do we understand it from an Islamic perspective and also discuss some challenges in our own lives and what we can do about them.
 This coming Saturday will also be the 10th of Muharram/Day of Ashura which is marked by two historical events; the Exodus of Musa (as) and also the murder of Imam Hussein (rA) and the family of the Prophet. We will draw from both stories in our discussion, but also fast because it is an established Sunnah to fast on Ashura to commemorate the Exodus of Musa (aS) and also fast a day before or a day after. Since we have an iftar on Sunday, please fast Saturday and Sunday. There is great reward fasting for Ashura … so DO NOT miss out!