MAPS Youth: Mental Health Halaqa


03 Nov MAPS Youth: Mental Health Halaqa

Event Details

Salaams MAPS Youth!

  This Friday at 7:00pm (SHARP – please do not be late!) in Sheikh Nabil’s old room we will have a halaqa/discussion on Mental Health with a local Muslim licensed family and marriage therapist, Sister Huma Din. She will be going over a topic that is often ignored or considered taboo in the Muslim community (unfortunately) and so this will be an important event to partake in. If you or you know someone who struggles with mental health issues, please alert them about this upcoming event as well so they know of the resources in the community to help with such situations.

  ALSO.. be ready on November 8th (Election Day) to be joined with some old MAPS Youth graduates who will be voting for their first times! We will go out to support them and get some food afterwards :)