MAPS Youth: Ramadan Iftar Hangout

01 Jun MAPS Youth: Ramadan Iftar Hangout

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This event finished on 24 June 2017

Ramadan Iftar Hangout


Thank you to those were able to engage in the 1 hour hang out and posted a reflection from last quarter. I loved reading those reflections and I encourage you all to continue and spend time with people you don’t always hang out with. I want the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood to transcend the cliques we all get into. I want to continue the program by having a Ramadan Iftar Hangout. If you did the hangout last quarter, I will try to pair you up again (at minimum, one person invites the other to break iftar with them, but if each can invite the other, then that would be most ideal!). If you weren’t able to do the hang out last quarter, I may pair you up with someone else.