Ping Pong Championship


04 May Ping Pong Championship

Event Details

This event finished on 10 May 2017

Assalamu Alaikoum /Peace be up on you


Eastside Recreational Club (ERC) Partnership with MAPS invites you for Ping pong championship league for Adults and youth starting on May 9th.


It’s a great opportunity for all members of our community specially our youth to participate and compete in this league and also find hidden talent in our community itself.


Please subscribe to for any future updates for this event and also for the rules and regulations and league details.


Register via Text : 470- 798-0074


Venue: MAPS


Date: 9th & 10th


Time: 7:30 pm


Entry Fee: 10$ Per person per league



  • Under 16 championship
  • Men Championship
  • Singles league
  • Doubles League


Game format: Each individual/Team will be playing at least 3 league games and qualify for playoffs


Please RSVP click here and also please note we are closing the registration by May 7th.


Jazakum Allah khairan!!



Q) Some brothers are were asking if this event  can be moved to weekends.

A) unfortunately MAPS is not available for weekends till Ramadan. Since this is on weekday we will publish the schedule beforehand so individuals will be knowing what time to show up and also plan their time accordingly InshAllah

Q) Is the registration fee 10$ per person  including singles and doubles league

A) Each league is separate. If you want to participate in singles and doubles then it will be 20$ for an individual