Summer Intensive Quran Memorization


28 Apr Summer Intensive Quran Memorization

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This event finished on 30 June 2016

Ar Rahmah Academy is pleased to announce its 6th year of Summer Intensive Quran Program. Alhamdulillah, this year we have introduced a new “Reading Intensive” class, primarily for older students who want to make their Quran reading fluent. As this is a short 2 week program, we try to keep the classes small to keep our quality high. Please register now!

Be on the lookout for our NEW Summer 2 program this year!!!

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The following is the list of Surahs that will be memorized by the students. We will try to cover as many as we can in the 3 weeks.

Level 1 (Ages 4-6) – Sr. Sally/Sr. Samaa/Sr. Ghina

  1. At Takhatur
  2. Al Qariah
  3. Al Aadiyat
  4. Al Zalzalah
  5. Review of old surahs

Level 2 ( Ages 6-8) – Sr. Dania

  1. At Tin
  2. As Sharh
  3. Ad Duha
  4. Al Layl
  5. Review of old surahs

Level 3 (Ages 8-10) – Sr. Naglaa

  1. At Tariq
  2. Al Buruj
  3. Al Inshiqaq

Level 4 (Ages 10+) (Girls) – Sr. Dina & Sr. Oumaima

Individual Hifz

Level 4 (Ages 10+) (Boys) – Br. Junaid Ahmad

Individual Hifz

Quran Reading (Ages 7+) (Tilawah) – Sr. Futoun

Please note that according to the student’s level, the surahs may be different. Parent’s help at home is highly recommended. We recommend that children listen to online websites like to practice every day. Assigned teachers may are tentative and could change.

PN: The above information is subject to change

Jazakallah Khairan