Support Refugees and Homeless Citizens this Holiday Season


16 Dec Support Refugees and Homeless Citizens this Holiday Season

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This event finished on 01 January 2016

Support Refugees and Homeless Citizens this Holiday Season


Assalamu Alaykum / Peace be upon you,


“And spend something (in charity) out of the substance which We have bestowed on you, before Death should come to any of you and he should say, “O my Lord! why didst Thou not give me respite for a little while? I should then have given (largely) in charity, and I should have been one of the doers of good”. [Qur’an 63:10]


MAPS raises funds 3 times in a year – at our annual banquet, in Ramadan and in December. This December, we are raising funds to 1) resettle refugees, primarily from Syria, and to 2) assist the homeless citizens in the Seattle area. Focusing on these two objectives allows us to address a pressing concern, as well as, demonstrate the true Muslim character in an environment of rising Islamophobia. Please help those in need, help showcase the true message of Islam and make a donation before the year ends.


Refugee Resettlement


MAPS MCRC is leading an active committee with dozens of volunteers to ensure that refugees from Syria have a place to stay, receive basic amenities and furniture and are paired with local Muslim families. To-date, we have formed multiple sub-committees (Housing, Job Training, Educational Services, etc.), assigned responsibilities and are working with various organizations to address this topic holistically. We have rented a 10’x30′ storage space at Marymoor storage to hold donated items and are working with MHS to collect and truck in the donated household items.


Funds raised in December will go towards renting 10 housing units for 1 year and hiring 1 case manager through MHS to oversee the needs of the refugees.


Addressing Homelessness


In the past two weeks alone:
* We partnered with Seattle First Baptist Church, to distribute 900+ meals to homeless citizens during Thanksgiving
* We served hot meals to over 100 people at the winter shelter in Bellevue this week
* MAPS Youth participated in the King5 Home Team Harvest food drive by holding banners in downtown Redmond
* Noor Academy donated over 60 blankets to 3 winter shelters and tent city locations
* MAPS MCRC collected and distributed tents, sleeping bags, firewood, hand warmers, etc. at 2 tent city locations
* MAPS, along with many other Muslim organizations, sponsored the Day of Dignity where winter gear were distributed to 300 homeless citizens
* MAPS MCRC will be hosting a Christmas Eve lunch for homeless citizens in Capitol Hill in Seattle
These Outbound Good actions honor the true character of our Prophet Muhammad (pubh) and address a local and social issue. In an environment of growing Islamophobia, they also demonstrate the positive contribution of Muslims in the society we live in.
Funds raised in December will help accelerate care to the homeless citizens in our area.
Please continue supporting your local mosque and assist all the programs at MAPS. Make a donation today, make a difference and maximize your 2015 tax benefits. We will Insha-Allah conduct a flash fundraiser at MAPS for these programs after Jumuah this Friday.




Jazak-um-ullah khairan

Riad Chummun

MAPS Treasurer

PS: Several local companies, including Microsoft, Google, Boeing and T-Mobile, match donations to these community care programs

PPS: Eligibility and scope of tax benefits due to donations to a non-profit are subject to state and federal tax laws