Traditional Islamic Art Workshop Series

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31 Oct Traditional Islamic Art Workshop Series

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This event is running from 18 November 2017 until 16 December 2017. It is next occurring on Saturday, November 25, 2017 11:00 am

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This is a series of 5 workshops with the cost $225 ($45 for each workshop) per person with a limit of 15 students.


Workshop 1 

–       Principles and elements of Traditional Islamic Art 

–       Introduction to Islamic Geometric Art

–       Learn the foundation of all Islamic designs: how to draw a perfect square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, decagon and hexadecagon using only a ruler and compass


Workshop 2 

–       Construct a four-fold Islamic geometric pattern 

–       Learn to create a grid to create geometric compositions 

–       Learn techniques of transferring and embellishing geometric designs to create a final work of art 


Workshop 3 

–       Learn to construct a six-fold Islamic geometric design 

–       Learn to transfer the design to watercolour paper and paint using watercolours 


Workshop 4 

–       Introduction to Islimi: the art of Arabesque 

–       learn to draw the different floral and vegetal motifs: Rumi motif, Tepelik motif, Kapali motifs.

–       create a composition using all three motifs learned 


Workshop 5 

–       Introduce Turkish style Arabesque 

–       Learn to draw Halkar Style (guilding) and Sayolu Style (Reed) motifs 

–       Create a composition inspired by Turkish tile art; transfer to watercolour paper and paint