Khutbah Schedule

Jum’ah (Friday) Khutbah Schedule



Day Speaker Topic
Jan 6 Br. Elyasse El Yacoubi “A Spiritual Perspective on Life’s Ups and Downs”
Jan 13 Shaykh Yasir Fazaqa
Jan 20 Imam Joban
Jan 27 Imam Joban “Lesson from the story of a man came running from the remotest part of the city”
Feb 3 Imam Azhar Sobedar “Will we repeat history?”
Feb 10 Sh. Kamal El Mekki “Quran: A Massage of Hope and Change”
Feb 17 Sh. Kamal El Mekki
Feb 24 Sh. Abdul Bary “Blessings and Responsibilities of American Muslims”
March 3 Br. Alaa Badr
March 10 Br. Salman Faizi
March 17 Br. Salaam Al Maryati  “Standing Up for the Truth”
March 24 Br. Munir Iqtish  “Justice for the Weak”
March 31 Imam Joban  “Al-Wasatiyyah (Moderation) as an Agenda of the Ummah”
April 7 Sh. Qasim Hatem “Green Deen: Islam and the Environment”
April 14 Br. Hyder Ali “Building an Inclusive Community and Contributing to Benevolent Society”
April 21 Sh. Abdurraoouf Al Khawaldeh “There Can be No Surrender to Despair”
April 28 Imam Joban “First Speech of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Madina”
May 5  Sh. Rodwaan Saleh  “Giving is Receiving”
May 12  Br. Ekram Haque  “Timeless Guidance from the Seerah of the  Prophet SAW”
May 19  Br. Alaa Badr
May 26  Imam Joban  “Marhaban Y Ramadan”
June 2  Br. Hassan Hatem  “Being Committed”
June 9  Imam Joban  “How Do We Treat Our Great Guest Ramadan”
June 16  Br. Alaa Badr  “Laylat ul Qadr”
June 23  Sh. Rodwaan Saleh
June 30  Imam Joban